Welcome to JMB Management Solutions Pty (Ltd)

BEE Rated Verified Banner | BEE Jobs | BBEEE JobsJMB Management Solutions Pty (Ltd) is an independent Head-Office Recruitment & Consulting Agency along with Management Consulting and Training in various fields, owned by Vernon B Steynberg and based in Bedfordview - Johannesburg. JMB Management Solutions Pty (Ltd) believes in a hands on personal touch and devotes quality time and attention to each one of our clients and candidates. Once we have checked all the boxes and only then can our JMB Management Solutions Pty (Ltd) consultants get to know the businesses behind the job opportunities, the personalities behind the CVs and to personalise our services to result in a perfect company and culture fit. We listen and understand first, then deliver. The Company’s goal is that of accessing the compatibility of candidates to the needs of our clients JMB Management Solutions Pty (Ltd) main objectives is to build relationships with both clients and candidates to ensure that both aspirations are achieved first time.

Why choose JMB Management Solutions Pty (Ltd)?

  • · JMBMS offers scalability both for small and for large projects
  • · JMBMS provides a consulting service of high quality
  • · JMBMS prioritises on customer satisfaction by providing a quality service to our clients
  • · JMBMS endeavours to build longstanding relationships with our clients on both sides of the desk.


JMB Management Solutions Pty (Ltd) sources the personalities with the skills, experience and the right qualifications to match your business and organizational needs.